2020 Capital Campaign

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A conversation with Laura Bartsch

What does St. Martin’s mean to you? What brought you here, and what have you discovered of value that keeps you here? As part of the 2020 Capital Campaign: Opening Our Doors to the Future, we will be sending a series of videos over the next several weeks and we invite you to listen in on conversations with some of the people who have been touched by St. Martin’s Church.

Please click here for our first installment and hear from Laura Bartsch.

Progress so far

A successful capital campaign rests on the total involvement and enthusiasm of our every-member ministry community.

Link to thCampaign Case Statement

Should you wish a hard copy please contact sesposito@stmartinsprov.org

Spiritual Meaning

Having set out for you the process we intend to follow in order to lay firm foundations for a successful capital campaign in 2020, let me say that no rector wants to have to contend with a capital campaign on their watch! But let me also tell you of how I have, together with the parish’s leadership team already experienced a transformation from anxious dread to firm conviction, galvanized by the unexpected spiritual effects of completing the urgent restoration work.

You see, a capital campaign is really only a catalyst for the spiritual growth of a community such as ours. It’s the nudge or push we need to propel us into the next stage of our journey of becoming increasingly more fit for God’s purpose. In this process we are being called to cross borders together while learning to listen more deeply for God’s call in order to live more spiritually authentic lives, i.e. live like Jesus.