St. Martin’s has come a long way in meeting new challenges. Who knew that Church-on-the Street would be such an enjoyable way to worship during Covid-era restrictions? And now for the second year, our streamed services bring together viewers near and far. The hugely successful Capital Campaign, conducted during a global pandemic, allows us to address major projects at St. Martin’s; we need look no further than the restored bell tower to see its impact. The Thrifty Goose, newly refurbished and redesigned, serves a wide public, recycling high quality goods at affordable prices, as does the annual Estate Sale. Life events, including baptisms, weddings, and memorial services, are celebrated frequently in our church. Sunday School has returned and our children are learning to serve God and the world. What could be better than that?

We have much to be thankful for, yet we are a community on a journey, and our journey continues. To keep “Going Farther Together,” our attention now turns to securing the resources that will let us meet our budget and continue our work through the coming year. 

Take a moment to recall the impact statements of the past 14 weeks (recapped in this week’s email). We hope they brought a smile as well as reminders of all that St. Martin’s offers – and needs. As you think about your contribution to St. Martin’s for next year, please note how our pledge monies are being used:

Our current budget (2021) is $574,435. With inflation, expenses will be somewhat higher next year, and we hope to increase slightly the salaries of our hard-working staff members. The Thrifty Goose provides a steady stream of income, but the proceeds that formerly came from renting the kitchen and other church facilities have diminished greatly with the pandemic. No doubt about it: St. Martin’s relies principally on our pledges to do its work!

This Going Farther Together fall stewardship drive, building upon the success of Opening Our Doors to the Future capital campaign, is an expression of your firm commitment to St. Martin’s future. We thank you for your prayerful review of your ongoing support for 2022.

Many thanks from the Stewardship Committee,

Cathy Bodner, Junior Warden                            

Debby Boedeker, Committee Chair                                                 

Brian Robert, Vestry ’23



The Going Farther Together campaign runs from Sunday, October 17, 2021 and closes on Sunday, November 28, 2021 with Ingathering Sunday. Members are kindly asked to return their estimate of giving cards for 2022 by or on this date. We have also provided an electronic form for pledging in case that is more convenient for you.

Online Pledge Form