Lent 2018

Christian faith is personal but never private. Our Christian faith speaks into the public arena where civic discourse takes place. How can we share more of our faith? We have to start by going deeper.

The Lent 2018 program offers us both an online and group experience. Online, we can follow our daily Lent devotions individually at home. Once a week we also have the opportunity for a group experience to support our daily progress. The program is called Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John sponsored by the Society of St John the Evangelist, the Cambridge (Boston) based Anglican men’s religious community (SSJE) in conjunction with The Virginia Theological Seminary. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Individual’s participating at home: Go to the above link and register. You can either order or download the daily reflection journal and you will be sent the daily video clip.
  • Participating in the Tuesday night program: Go to the link above and register for the daily video clips. We have ordered 50 copies of the journal and these will be part of the weekly group attendance cost of $50, which covers journal and meal costs for five weeks. Please buy RSVP with Susan Esposito. Tickets will on sale from Sunday, February 4th.

Note video clips start on Sunday, February 11th to sync with day 1 of week 1 in the Journal

Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John.  Please click on this link to register.

Tuesday Evening Program

  • 5:30 pm Stations of the Cross with Holy Communion
  • 6:15 pm Community meal
  • 7:00 pm Program discussion
  • 8:15 pm Compline (night prayer)

The cost will be $50 for five meals which includes program materials.

Tips for Journaling

The journal that accompanies Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John is to be used in conjunction with the daily video clip. Each page is headed with a  short daily text. The rest of the page is blank for you to note your associations to the text.

This is a use of imagination exercise and here are some simple steps you might follow:

  1. Read the text three times very slowly. Sit with it for a while. Note down the word or phrase that stands out or draws your attention.
  2. Read the text again slowly, – reading it out loud often helps.
  3. What do you sense, feel, or hear as you sit with your word or phrase?  Note down associations. You might want to doodle or draw if this works better for you. The page is your blank canvas.
  4. The purpose of the text is to allow God to invite you to consider something that needs your attention over the next 5 – 7 days. What insight might this be?

Never second guess what you jot down by going back and censoring it. What you first write or draw is what needs to stand.

Sunday Adult Forums in Lent

Lent 1: Conversation about keeping a Holy Lent

Lent 2:  Background history context out of which John’s notion of the beloved community emerges

Lent 3:  Major themes in John’s Gospel concerning the nature of the beloved community and the identity of Jesus.

Lent 4: Communal divisions and the Letters of I and II John.

Lent 5: Conversation about Holy Week and the Great Three Days (Triduum) of Easter