Lent 2019

Christian faith is personal but never private. Our Christian faith speaks into the public arena where civic discourse takes place. How can we share more of our faith? We have to start by going deeper. Many of us are overwhelmed by the climate crisis that is upon us, feeling it is too big to even know how to worry about let alone take constructive steps to combat climate change.

    Therefore, our parish Lent Program – a 5 week course based on the Episcopal Bishops pastoral teaching on the environment. They write: The mounting urgency of our environmental crisis challenges us at this time to confess “our self-indulgent appetites and ways,” “our waste and pollution of God’s creation,” and “our lack of concern for those who come after us” (Ash Wednesday Liturgy, Book of Common Prayer, p. 268)

We are being challenged to amend our lives and to work for environmental justice and for more environmentally sustainable practices.

    I hope our program this Lent will help us to begin to do just that and so I do encourage you to either signup for the Tuesday evening or attend the Sunday morning session. Please RSVP with Susan Esposito.

     I also want to offer you some suggestions of how to read yourself – at your own pace – through the coming six weeks of the Lenten season:

Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices.

Full Tuesday Evening Program

The cost will be $60 for five meals which includes program materials.

Sunday Adult Forums in Lent

The study part of the Tuesday evening program will be rerun during the adult formation hour on Sunday morning from 11-12pm. All you need for this is the book costing $10 which you can get from Susan or from Amazon Smile.