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What does St. Martin’s mean to you? What brought you here, and what have you discovered of value that keeps you here? As part of the 2020 Capital Campaign, Opening Our Doors to the Future, we will be sending a series of videos over the next several weeks and we invite you to listen in on conversations with some of the people who have been touched by St. Martin’s Church.

Please enjoy our most recent installment with Troy and Elizabeth below. To see past videos, please visit the Capital Campaign page.

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We are a socially and theologically progressive open and affirming Christian community steeped in traditional Anglican worship and deeply rooted in the rich soil of 4000 years of Jewish and Christian Tradition! We are a dynamic community, valuing the tensions between the Tradition we receive and the reality of the lives we actually live, believing that each generation must come to a fresh engagement with Scripture and Tradition through the use of Reason! We are a pilgrim community strengthened on our journey by your presence with us! To learn more about who we are, visit us.

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