9 am Holy Eucharist

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9 am – Morning Devotions
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7 am – Holy Eucharist
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9 am – Morning Devotions
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5:30 pm Meditation Hour
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All Weekday Evenings

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Eastertide Eucharist Booklet

Click here to see the booklet for Eastertide. You can print this out to follow along at home or contact the office and we will mail you a physical copy.

Spiritual Communion

Click here to read the prayer for the making of a Spiritual Communion under the special circumstances of the Coronavirus Pandemic
This prayer is to be used by virtual participants in a livestream of the Holy Eucharist at the point when those physically present are invited to receive Holy Communion.

We are here for you

Please remember physical distancing does not mean social isolation. If you find yourself feeling isolated or in need of practical assistance, please email Susan Esposito, Linda+ or Mark+ for a quick response.