We believe that God’s healing balm is encountered in numerous ways as we go about our lives in the world. We also practice the Church’s ancient ministry of healing prayer and the sacramental ministry of anointing. We do not believe healing to be so much a miraculous event – although God is often a God of surprises. Yet the surprise is more often an experience of the process of healing which can be either sudden or gradual. The process of healing is not necessarily the eradication of illness or suffering, but the shifting of our perspective so that illness and suffering become sources for renewal and transformation.

Some of these services are on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic

Healing Prayers are offered during the administration of Holy Communion at the 9:30 Sunday Eucharist. This is a lay-led ministry for those seeking a space for quiet conversation or silence preceding receiving the laying on of hands and prayers for healing in the quiet and separate space of the St Martin Chapel.

Persons may seek healing for themselves, for others whom they bear upon their heart, or for things as large and as non specific yet of crucial import such as the healing of the world.