Christian Formation Hour – Adult Forum

10:45-11:45 Sunday mornings. The Adult Forum is designed to complement the worship experience or to stand on its own as a separate entry point into the St. Martin Community. People new to the Episcopal Church, who may not yet feel ready for our full worship experience, are welcome to drop in for coffee and the Adult Forum only.


General guidelines to Spiritual Practice

Weekly practice

Daily practice

Personal Practice

Community Practice


Desktop links and mobile apps for the Book of Common Prayer,  Daily Prayer, the Lectionary, and the Bible

The Online Book of Common Prayer

Electronic Common Prayer  – although this app costs around $10 it contains the calendar, weekday and Sunday lectionary and full electronic version of the BCP – highly recommended!

The Daily Office of Morning and Evening Prayer  from the Book of Common Prayer

Contemporary form of the Daily Office: Seven Sacred Pauses  Contemporary,  user-friendly and informative organization of the hours of daily prayer

Lectionary link  Link to the Three Year Sunday Lectionary readings

Online Bible  Online Bible app with hundreds of translations to suit your temperament

The Bible Challenge  reading the Bible over the course of a year with daily reading guide and meditation reflection, questions on the text