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Dear [Elected Official],


My name is [your first and last name] and I am a [personal statement about yourself- a mother, your occupation, a retiree, a taxpayer etc.,] that resides in your District [your legislator’s district]. I believe that all Rhode Island residents deserve to live in safe, affordable, healthy homes. As an elected member of the state legislature, you should also support this endeavor.


We need to invest in affordable housing by securing a permanent source of funding for the construction of new homes and the preservation of existing affordable units. It is also imperative that we remove common barriers to affordable housing such as banning discrimination on tenants’ source of income and sealing eviction records.

[Include a personal story. Tell your representative why the issue is important to you and how it affects you, your family member and your community]


I encourage you to support these important housing bills: Source of Income Discrimination (S2134, H7594), Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (H7596, S2264) and support bonds for affordable housing. [Tell your representative how you want her or him to vote on this issue and ask for a response]

As your constituent, I appreciate your hard work and commitment to this important issue and your response is appreciated. Thank you for listening to my comments.



[Your Name]