From Easter 2017 – Easter 2018 we completed the Bible reading program known as the Bible Challenge

Autumn embedding the Bible plans for 2018-2019

In September we will begin again with the Bible Challenge as a small group experience and if you are interested please contact the Rector. In addition, we will begin a new program – The Social Justice Bible Challenge a forty-day reading program that bridges the gap between knowing the Bible and living it with a clear orientation for the social justice expectations of God’s kingdom on earth.                                                                                                                    

Following online

Here is the link to Day 1 of the web page for following The Bible Challenge online if you are not using the book. The current week page is listed above. The fastest way to navigate through the pages is to change the day numeral in your browser line. Otherwise, you can navigate from page to page using the buttons at the top right of the daily page. You will notice that as you move to each day the first page that comes up contains an in-depth commentary, with the summary commentary on the second page.